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How to Make Tea Sorbet

Sorbet is a dairy-free, fruit-loving form of ice cream that is easy to make, and delicious! We make it year-round but it’s particularly perfect for getting your tea-fix in the hot, sunny, summer months. How to Make Tea Sorbet Ingredients 3 c. liquid*3 heaping tablespoons dry tea1 c. sugarcitrus zest + 2 tbs juiced citrusContinue reading “How to Make Tea Sorbet”

A Recipe for Comfort: Tea + Chocolate Truffles

Recipe and contribution by Beth Kirsch, Beth’s Chocolate Sometimes all it takes is a piece of dark chocolate or a steaming cup of tea to brighten my mood. Eating chocolate after sipping hot tea is even better—the chocolate melts more easily, releasing all its wonderful flavors. My love of both tea and chocolate led meContinue reading “A Recipe for Comfort: Tea + Chocolate Truffles”

Sip Tea. Be Happy

Our guide to boosting your mood with tea. Meet the Happy Chemicals in your Brain dopamine is the fast acting- feel good sensation, that motivates us to create habits. When we accomplishing your goals and achieve our desires we are rewarded with pleasure thanks to this brain chemical. oxytocin is the type of pleasure youContinue reading “Sip Tea. Be Happy”

Tea + Mindfulness

A Guide to Tea Drinking as a Mindfulness Exercise Mindfulness: the process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment. The Benefits of Mindfulness Exercises Mindfulness rests the analytical mind and brings peace to the whole body. Studies show that a mindfulness practice: reduces stress and anxiety improves flexibility and response toContinue reading “Tea + Mindfulness”

An introduction to Camelia sinensis and all things TEA

A Crash Course on Caffeine… The caffeine level in your cup of tea is based on two things: type: black is highest, then oolong, green, and white steeping time: the longer you steep, the more caffeine you extract. Note: Tea bags (containing crushed up leaf particles) will infuse more caffeine than loose leaf tea. NotContinue reading “An introduction to Camelia sinensis and all things TEA”