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How to Make Tea Sorbet

PC: Tea Hive

Sorbet is a dairy-free, fruit-loving form of ice cream that is easy to make, and delicious! We make it year-round but it’s particularly perfect for getting your tea-fix in the hot, sunny, summer months.

How to Make Tea Sorbet


3 c. liquid*
3 heaping tablespoons dry tea
1 c. sugar
citrus zest + 2 tbs juiced citrus (optional)

*Liquid options: You could do straight tea for this sorbet and go with 3c. H20, or you could do 2c. water and 1 c. of a complimentary juice.

The Process

Picking your flavors

Really the sky’s the limit when it comes to your tea-sorbet adventure, but we recommend picking something fruity or floral. You can choose to go all-tea or you can pair your tea with a complimentary juice. We used Rose-Roiboos for our sorbet and paired it with cherry juice for a floral, fruity sorbet with a great tart kick.

Looking for some tea-sorbet inspiration? We’d recommend:

Infusing Process

  • Bring liquid and sugar to boil on stove and stir till dissolved.
  • Add tea leaves, turn off heat & steep 5-8 mins
  • Add citrus, if using.
  • Strain liquid.

For a boozy twist… Add 3 tbs of your favorite alcohol at the citrus step in the process. For our Rose Rooibos sorbet we used vodka. An added benefit of adding alcohol is that it lowers the freezing temperature of your infusion and keeps your granita/sorbet from getting too solid in the freezer.

The Freezing Process

  • Place liquid in fridge to chill completely.
  • Transfer to ice cream maker & freeze according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Don’t have an ice-cream maker?
Make granita instead! Either pour your liquid into a glass baking dish and scrape it down with a fork every few hours until you have the right semi-frozen consistency, or pour the sorbet infusion in a large ziploc bag and massage the mixture until you achieve the desired consistency!

Or, go crazy and make popsicles in your favorite popsicle molds.

Bon Apetit!

We’d love to know what flavors and pairings you come up with for your tea sorbet creations. Tag us in your photos on Instagram or Facebook at: @myteahive!


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